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AHA Camp Verde will be closed Monday April 30th

Posted On: 2018-04-29 06:49 PM

Dear American Heritage Academy Parents and Guardians,

Due to the high number of reported staff absences, American Heritage Academy- Camp Verde will be closed Monday April 30th. If the walkout continues, the school may remain closed. Please give close attention to the school's website and social media outlets for updates.

As a result of the school closures:

• Breakfast and lunch services will be available to any child 18 and under.

• School closures will not affect the date of graduation ceremonies; however, students may be required to attend class after the ceremony to complete any needed days added to the school year. The extent of the school closure will determine this need.

• The Catalina Island field trip is a major event scheduled outside the school day and will continue as planned.

• We are currently reviewing our instructional minute requirements and counts to determine any needed extensions of the school year. The number of days that school is closed will determine a final decision.

We will be providing updated communication as information comes forward. We will also provide a decision regarding Tuesday's schedule by Monday afternoon. We will use our normal modes of communication to alert families to updates For any additional questions feel free to contact our office.

Lance Barnes