Dress Code

AHA was one of the first public schools in Arizona to initiate a uniform dress standard. Peer pressure is eliminated when students dress similarly and can concentrate on academics instead of modeling the latest clothing fads. There is no “class” distinction between the “rich or poor.” Approved uniform clothing is a requirement for all students and must be worn appropriately. Clothing is purchased by families at their own expense through local stores.

All final decisions on uniforms will be made by the administration.

Red Sweater

Grooming/Dress Standards:
Good personal hygiene, grooming and appropriate dress are crucial to making the most of our educational experience at Heritage Academy. Clothing, hairstyles or abnormal color, makeup or jewelry that detract from the educational setting will not be allowed.

The mandatory standards are as follows:

Uniform clothing is required for all students. Students must wear approved clothing appropriately while on campus. Students who do not come appropriately attired, or with soiled, torn or ragged clothing will be sent home until the clothing is corrected.

Hats may be worn outside the building only. Students cannot have colored hair (unless natural looking), Mohawks, dreadlocks, or “baggie” clothing. Boys may not wear earrings or other visual body piercing jewelry outside the uniform. “Tongue studs”, excessive jewelry and/or body piercing except for pierced ears for girls, is not allowed.

Khaki Pants Tattoos are highly discouraged and must be covered and not exposed.

Young men must be clean shaven and have hair no longer than neck length. No “pony” tails.

Footwear is required. Shoes and socks should not detract and must be safe from slipping or falling. No flip-flops (thongs) are allowed in P.E. or Home Economics (cooking) classes. Violators will be sent home to correct the problem.

Uniform Resources:

Parents will be able to purchase their students uniforms at JCPENNEY.com, OLDNAVY .com,TARGET.com or pieces may be available at Walmart. To have shirts embroidered with the AHA logo you may contact the following: RAGTIME at 634-3655, PRINT ME at 567-0798 or SOPHISICATED CUSTOM EMBROIDERING at 567-3188. NO OVERSIZED UNIFORMS ALLOWED!!!!

Plaid SkirtLocation:

375 S. Cherry St.
Cottonwood, AZ
Phone: 634-3655


Sophisticated Custom Embroidery
1863 Cheyenne Lane
Camp Verde
Phone: 567-3188
Phone: 301-8449
Hours 10-4


Ragtime is located in the cinder block building, south and next to R & R Auto Yard off of 6th St. South of Mingus Ave.

Ragtime has asked our Parents to have their orders in by the 30th of each Month. You will receive them by the 10th of the following Month. Ragtime can supply pants that meet our Dress Code. American Heritage Academy does not allow any style of Levi or brand name jean, or other pants such as Flares, Spandex, Etc. The approved are Docker Style Pants Only. Also you can get that style through Dickies.

If you have any questions on what is acceptable, Please contact the office before purchasing them. You will be sent home if out of Uniform Policy Code Color of Pants: Navy and Khaki-Only

White ShirtParent Council has approved Long Sleeve Collared Polo’s With A.H.A. Logo / No Thermals !

Acceptable Coats and Jackets:
Red, White or Navy windbreakers, Parkas or Raincoats (no trench coats). Coats may have a hood provided it is not oversize. Coats and jackets may not be worn in classrooms. Coats do not have to have AHA logo, but may not have any other logo such as , sports team or Tommy Hilfiger. Coats must be solid red, white or navy only.

You also can buy your student’s uniform and Jackets/Sweatshirts at the store of your choice. Just remember to stay within the guidelines of our standards. When in Question, Call and Ask !! 928-634-2144.