Principal’s Corner

Greetings AHA families,

First, I’d like to start off this month’s Principal Corner by acknowledging our new families. We have rolled over all returning AHA students into the system and uploaded our new families into the system as well. This is their first monthly Principal’s Corner and wanted to welcome them to the AHA family.

New families and families that have not yet done so, please text “Yes” to 68453 to “opt in” for special text message alerts and notifications from AHA. We will also use this feature as part of our emergency communications plan, so I strongly encourage all families to opt in. Regular text messaging rates may apply.

New families and those that would like to re-read previous Principal Corner’s may do so by going to and scrolling to the bottom to choose the month.

Additional Changes to the Staff
Mrs. Boggess will not be joining our campus as a paraprofessional after all. She has worked at AHA Camp Verde in the past and we wish her luck going forward. We will fill this final, vacant position sometime this week. Candidates have already been interviewed.

Please help me in giving a warm welcome to the following new hires to the AHA family:
Ms. Yvonne Fox, our new Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Selyna Pringle, our new 3rd grade teacher
Mr. Ron Romero, our new Title I Reading Coordinator (shared with both AHA’s)
Ms. Deb McNally, our new teacher working with and servicing our SPED students
(Mrs. Donovan is still with us, writing IEP’s, 504’s, and scheduling those IEP/MET/504 meetings for us, and 3 other EdKey, Inc. schools)
Ms. Lee Ann Beck, our new ELL Liaison, working with our growing ELL (second language) learners.
Monday night, 5:30-7:00 pm is our annual Open House. It would be a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet with your child’s teacher and our new staff. First day of school is Tuesday Aug 8th; a full, regular day of school.

Other Important Changes for the 2017-18 year
Culinary Arts will not be an offering at the High School. Highly Qualified requirements led to the decision.

In addition to the Sequoia Choice, Yavapai College, and Rosetta Stone offerings, we are also offering free Hillsdale College courses online for high schoolers. They will need to create a free account (register) and then choose 4 courses to take for the year, 2 per semester. To see a list of the Hillsdale offerings, please visit to learn more. Your child may need to register (create a free account) first, to see all the offerings. These offerings will assist seniors with Senior Orals prep. Other AHA HS students will further their knowledge in America’s Heritage, its Constitution, Shakespeare, and Statesmanship. It is guaranteed to further enhance the AHA experience of Great Heroes, Liberty, and Freedom.

As soon as we know, we will share what you can expect the middle school classrooms to look like structurally. We know that Mr. Freeman and Ms. Gressly will be our teachers. What is not quite known yet, is whether or not 7th/8th will split and see Ms. Gressly for Science and Math and Mr. Freeman for Social Studies and English, or if it will be a truly self-contained classroom, like what we had last year. Again, Highly Qualified requirements will decide for us.

Missoula Children’s Theater was here this June and what a wonderful experience for students from all over the Cottonwood area, including many of our own AHA kids. Over 65 kids entertained a packed house to two wonderful showings of Cinderella. It was an honor to host such an event.

As always, reach out to me anytime at

I look forward to another wonderful year of growth, opportunity, learning, and successes!

Until next month,

Principal Evans***

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