8th Grade Promotion Guidelines

Dear Parents of AHA Junior High Students,

This letter is to inform you and your child(ren) that AHA has already established a clear set of guidelines and expectations for 8th grade promotion into high school. The junior high teaching staff and the administration have established the following criteria for 8th grade promotion. Students failing to reach the requirements for promotion may be retained. A committee comprised of teachers and administrators may review a child’s circumstance on a case by case basis, as needed utilizing our discretion. The criterion for 8th grade promotion is as follows:

Academic Requirements for 8th grade promotion:

  1. The Core Classes – Must have a 65% whole year course average in each of the four core classes in 8th grade (Science, Math, Social Studies, and ELA). This means that the average of the two semesters for any given core class must be 65% or higher. For example, a 60% would only work if in the other semester for that core class, the student achieved a 70% or better.
  2. 4 Elective classes – (Statesmanship, Art, PE, Study Hall, Technology) = 20 semesters over a two year period. Must pass (with a 65% or better for the year) 14 or more of these elective semesters while in junior high.

Attendance Requirements for 8th grade promotion:

  1. Unexcused absences must be 6 or less per semester. This is already school policy.
  2. Excused absences must be 8 or less per semester. Proper documentation must be provided for illnesses, appointments, etc., as always.
  3. Unexcused tardies should total 8 or less per semester.

Additionally, students who are retained will lose first preference on their re-enrollment status. Please call the front office with any questions or concerns. Students and parents will be contacted during Semester 2 if they are in danger of possibly being retained.

Kind regards,

The Junior High Team and the AHA Administration