Building Tomorrow's Heroes Today

American Heritage Academy is Now Enrolling Students for the Fall 2013 Semester!

Why Choose AHA?

There's a number of reasons to choose American Heritage Academy...

  • Earn College Credits before you graduate high school.
  • Take part in a patriotic, community based school environment.
  • Learn strong academic and leadership skills.
  • Small Class Sizes - no more than 22 students to any class!
  • Learn to Think and Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others.

Our Mission : "Building Tomorrow's Heroes Today"

We promote America’s founding principles through a classical liberal arts education fostering personal greatness, community service, strong academic and leadership skills, while reaffirming hope in a caring environment.

What’s So Special About American Heritage Academy

American Heritage Academy (AHA) is a non-profit 501-C-3 public charter school that was founded in 1995 by a group of “home-school” parents. It received its charter from the State of Arizona to educate students in traditional basics, with emphasis on the great role models of the past. Concerned about the lack of statesmen, conservation of America’s freedoms and classically trained leaders, AHA was formed to “build tomorrow’s heroes today.” Students come to have a knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, particularly our founding fathers.

American Heritage Academy's Cottonwood campus serves K-12 and our Camp Verde campus serves K-8.

AHA is a Testing Site for PSAT, SAT and ACT

American Heritage Academy (AHA) is a testing center to its own students and is open to testing all home school students and other public school students who wish to do so. For more information visit American Heritage Academy's PSAT/NMSQT Website.

Headlines & Features

AHA Camp Verde will be OPEN Wednesday May 2nd

Posted On: 2018-05-01 07:08 PM
At this time, I can officially say that AHA Camp Verde will be open as normal tomorrow, Wednesday May 2nd and Thursday May 3rd. I will keep you posted about any possible make up days. If a makeup day is required, it will be on a Friday in May so that we c

AHA Camp Verde will be closed Monday April 30th

Posted On: 2018-04-29 06:49 PM
Due to the high number of reported staff absences, American Heritage Academy- Camp Verde will be closed Monday April 30th. If the walkout continues, the school may remain closed. Please give close attention to the school's website and social media outlets

AHA Camp Verde to Delay Start on April 26th by 2 Hours

Posted On: 2018-04-25 09:40 PM
Due to the anticipated absence of several staff members this Thursday, April 26th we will NOT be closing; but we will be having a modified school day. That morning, we will start on a two hour delay. So school will start at 9:55 and end at regular dismiss
Selyna Pringle (Photo By Bill Helm)
Selyna Pringle (Photo By Bill Helm)


Posted On: 2018-04-18 09:04 PM
From CV

"The first few moments of the first time that I walked into her very organized and academically focused classroom," says Evans, principal at Cottonwood's American Heritage Academy. "Her impact on her children in her classroom was immediate. She fit right
After close to 15 years in Christian education, Shelly Wilcoxson has been at Cottonwood’s American Heritage Academy since August 2016. (Photo by Bill Helm)
After close to 15 years in Christian education, Shelly Wilcoxson has been at Cottonwood’s American Heritage Academy since August 2016. (Photo by Bill Helm)

Verde Valley Educator of the Week: Shelly Wilcoxson

Posted On: 2018-02-15 09:11 PM
From CV

"I love working with my students so much that I try to help too many at one time," she says. "When a student of mine reaches a certain point, I have to pass them off to our coordinator who works with them two days a week as opposed to four days a week. Th

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